Intents ⛺

Intents is a Python framework to define and operate Conversational Agents with a simple, code-first approach. Dialogflow ES is the primary supported NLU service.

Why Intents

Define Agents as Python classes

Dialogflow UI is great, but we are coders. With Intents your Agent is defined within your software project, with native Python structures. Autocomplete and static code checks are back, to make your Agents more flexible, scalable and maintainable.

Versioning and Continuous Integration

With Intents you can generate an Agent from code, your developers can work in branches, the right Agent can be generated and restored programmatically in CI pipelines.

Human-friendly Connectors

Agent definitions are service-agnostic. While built-in support for Dialogflow ES is provided, you are free to develop connectors for any other platform. And since your intents are classes, predictions will just be their instances.


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