Intents is a standard Python project. Contributions are welcome, you can follow the standard feature branch workflow:

  1. Open an issue, or choose an existing one from

  2. Open a feature branch from develop

    • Branch name: “<ISSUE-NUMBER>-short-title”

      e.g. 42-support-alexa

    • Commit messages: “#<ISSUE-NUMBER> Start with an imperative verb”

      e.g. #42 Add Alexa response schemas

  3. rebase frequently from develop

  4. Make sure tests are passing

  5. Open a Pull Request to develop


Dependencies are managed with Poetry ( This is how you setup your environment:

poetry install

Build Documentation

This project is documented using Sphinx. This is how you build the documentation site:

cd docs/
poetry run make html

Documentation will be created in the docs/_build/ folder.

Read the Docs

Documentation is published on Read the Docs via their default integration. As Poetry is not available in Read the Docs build environment, a requirements file must be provided. The build script is configured to read readthedocs.txt for this purpose.

When adding a new requirement, remember to update readthedocs.txt:

poetry export -E snips --dev -f requirements.txt --output readthedocs.txt --without-hashes


Unit tests are managed with pytest:

poetry run pytest

To produce a full coverage report:

poetry run pytest --cov=intents --cov-report xml --cov-report html